Insulated hydraulic aerial platform T50I on video!

EGI KLUBB Group – T50I from KLUBB Group on Vimeo.

Keeping up with the Electric Power Transmission Industry is a huge challenge nowadays as it is changing and growing constantly. This also modifies the requests of the customers. EGI as part of the KLUBB Group aims to launch innovative aerial units for the electricity utility to retain the demands of the customers and even exceed them. Especially in case of working in the desert or similar circumstances, the utility vehicles should be able to brave tough environments. At EGI, the employees are constantly working on adjusting equipment, controls and configuration. As a result the platform T50I is based on a 8×4 off road type truck. Moreover the outriggers of the insulated hydraulic aerial platform T50I are able to automatically adjust the stabilisation in order to cope with extreme slopes. In addition it is very easy to reach anything during the current work due to the huge outreach of 19,50m and the rotation possibilities (basket rotation +60°/-60° and a general boom rotation of 360°).

As it is designed for extreme high voltage conditions, the series of insulator aerial platforms  can be used for operations up to 500 kV. We make sure to provide a constant safety for the users while live-line working. Consequently it is the utmost concern of the designers that our products correlates with the International Standards (IEC). T501 takes advantage of an equipotential bonding and EGI’s Foam-Filled Boom Technology Type III, which is a one-off and the world’s best dielectric protection! Therefore the job can be done without necessary breaks in power supply. Also it is ascertain that it is possible to work barehand.

As you can see, the insulated hydraulic aerial platform T50I is a great benefit for your team!

To get an even better impression, check out the new video!