Description du projet

44m Live Line Insulated Washer IW 244


Rated voltage 500kV (phase-phase) high voltage networks

“IW 2” LOW SERIES is the most efficient solution for Distribution Grids up to 90 kV.

Steady & Controlled output pressure of 70 bar at Washing Nozzle combined with Separate Engine power source permits use of tap water, low consumption and
high impact capability even on hard contaminate.

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Technical Data

Type : IW 244
Minimum G.V.W : 34 Tons
Overall Length : 11 000 mm
Overall Width : 2 500 mm
Overall Heigt : 4 500 mm

Features :

Boom geometry 4+4
Non-Demin water washing technology
High pressure piston pump  130 bars
Integrated pressure regulator
Continuous resistivity control
Continuous water level control
Grounding system IEC1048 compliant
2 water guns for washing
2 electrical hose reels 50m

Performances :

Washing height               44,00 m
Washing Outreach         17,00 m
Jet effective reach         4,00 m
Water tank capacity      7 000 l
Outlet max. pressure     70 bars max.
Max. rated voltage         500 kV
Mini. water resistivity     1500 Ω.cm
Max. leakage current     400 µA