Description du projet

Military ambulance on Mercedes Unimog

Fully equipped military ambulance mounted on Mercedes Unimog specially developed to handle extreme torsion of the Unimog chassis and to allow interventions in any area.
This transformation include a shelter with medical furniture and medical equipment such as anatomic stretcher, oxygen supply system, medical fridge, water faucet and many more.
The driver cabin is equipped with blue beacons, siren, speaker system and intercom allowing to communicate with the rear shelter.
Chassis comes with a toolbox, 2 jerry cans and 2 fire extinguishers.
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Military ambulance

Fully equipped

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Technical Data

  • Insulated rear shelter with antislip resin floor and steel reinforcements in the corner
  • Complete set of medical furnitures, inox water faucet and 7l medical fridge
  • 12V and 220V power outlets
  • Full oxygen supply system
  • Roof lights with powerful white light or low blue light
  • Anatomic stretcher with loading ramp
  • Foldable bench for 2 han barrows
  • Rotative and foldable seats
  • Roof aircon
  • 2 ways heater system (electric or mounted on the truck cooling system
  • Roofglass and air extractor
  • Rear and lateral doors with foldable ladders
  • Equiped chassis with toolbox, jerry cans et fire extinguishers
  • Cabin / shelter intercom
  • Siren/Speaker system
  • Blue beacons

For more platform options, please contact us before ordering
Other request could be done and will be studied by EGI-KLUBB Group Design Office