Description du projet

Mobile maintenance with oil station

Light van fully equipped as a mobile station for repair and maintenance of any type of vehicles and engine powered machines. This vehicle include an oil station with powerful pumps able to drain and fill truck tanks on site. Its generator allows to work with electrical tools and to charge battery and boosters for jumpstarts.

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Technical Data

  • Oil delivery station with a capacity of 1 ton of oil
  • 4 Separated oil tanks (3 for clean oils, 1 for used oils) with level indicators on each tank
  • Retention trays for oil drain
  • Anti pollution kit for absorbing oil spills
  • 1 Compressed air reel with strong hydraulic type hose
  • 7,5 CV 14 BAR Air compressor with 270l tank
  • Etabli de travail avec meuble à tiroirs et armoire de rangement
  • Floor rails with strong straps
  • Jerrycans with supports
  • Habillage intérieur complet en PVC résistant aux huiles
  • Highly efficient LED roof lights
  • Hand cleaning kit (water tank, soap dispenser and paper roll holder)
  • Magnetic worklights
  • Full light signalization (orange beacons, reflective bands, LED AK5 Triflash)

For more platform options, please contact us before ordering
Other request could be done and will be studied by EGI-KLUBB Group Design Office