Focus on the aerial mounted fire-fighting lift Meteor 460 TBI

As known and often communicated, KLUBB Group acquired the intangible assets of the fire-fighting aerial platform manufacturer COMILEV back in 2018.
Combined with the decades of experience of EGI, which origins are traced back to the 1940s, our product designers and technicians create innovative aerial mounted fire-fighting lifts with outstanding features. Nowadays, we provide a wide range of fire-fighting aerial platforms, beginning from a working height of 19m up to 54m.

In the following we want to highlight some advantages of the aerial mounted fire-fighting lift Meteor 460 TBI.


On the right, the aerial mounted fire-fighting lift shows a great working height of 46m and an outreach of 21m! The negative access is 6.5m.

The fire-fighting lift is mounted on a 26T vehicle and of course fully compliant with the European Standards EN 1777/2010. Just because safety is the highest priority, especially if works are getting done at dizzying heights!


Another great advantage of the function is clearly visible in these two pictures: The four extendable outriggers.
The four outriggers support the machine, even on difficult ground, to fulfill the work as fast and as easy as possible. The movement of the outriggers can be controlled both on the right side on the back of the vehicle and on the left side. All in all, nine different positions of stabilization are possible and the outriggers can be used separately. Due to these advantage, the vehicle can operate in different circumstances! So, if the streets are narrow like on the photos, the outriggers of the aerial fire platform provide safety during the complete intervention.


Also, it should be noted that the basket capacity is 500kg! Accordingly, the basket can get the user with their additional equipment up in heights.
To speak about the possible movements of the aerial fire-fighting machine, the turret allows to move a full 360°. Additionally, the platform itself rotates 45° in both directions. Therewith, the platform is very flexible, and the user can react intuitionally!

Furthermore, the platform can be controlled in the basket itself as well as from the ground.
These advantages allows the firemen to save valuable time when they are arriving on site.

As you maybe noticed, we want to support the fire-fighting departments as extensive as possible and this since decades! For any demands or in case you need more information, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

We are focused on regular exchange with our clients and partners to always provide a fitting product to everyone’s need. Moreover, with a steady information fleet, we can evolve ourselves to current happenings and with it associated changes in the fire-fighting manufacturing business.

As a result, you see, EGI-KLUBB Group relies on a great costumer tie, a valuable connection to its partners and years of knowledge.

Moreover, we are building a well knotted network of distributors, so in case you are interested to participate at our program, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We will come back to you as soon as possible to get to know you and your company!