Description du projet

46m Fire Aerial Platform METEOR 460 TBI M / WM

EN ISO 13849-1 + EN 1777:2010 + EN 1846 1-2-3
DIN 15120 + NFS 61550 + NFPA 1901:2009

Thanks to our unique “X+H2” stabilization system, fully compliant with EN 1777/2010, the EGI – KLUBB GROUP hydraulic access platforms for fire firefigting can stabilize on slopes up to 9 degrees, regardless of the vehicle’s position (front side, rear side and combine). This allows firefighters to save a considerable amount of time when they get to the scene of the fire. This feature is unique to EGI – KLUBB GROUP.
Straight & Telescopic Articulated-Boom designs offers a 10m + Up and Over capability and reduces the risk of mispositioning when approaching the scene behind the obstacle.

Discover the 54m Fire Truck METEOR 540 TBI and the 19m Fire Aerial Platform M180 TPI / WM

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Technical Data

Performances :

Working Height: 46.00m
Rescue Height: 44.00m
Max. Outreach: 21.00m
Rescue cage load: 500kg
Negative access: -6.5m

Possible types of vehicles :

G.V.W : 26 Tons

Installation on lower tonnages, please contact us

Specifications :

Slope / Tilting operation: 7°
45 km/h wind operation
H Type Outtrigger – track width 6m at full extension
Boom geometry 4+2+1
No tail swing turret
Compliant to European standard EN 1777
Telescopic Waterway
CCS3 Monitoring system
Water curtain for rescue cage
Monitor 4000 L/min max
Full aluminum made bodyworks

Options – Minimum G.V.W 26T :

Strecher holder in rescue cage
Breathing air Line
Thermic and color camera
IR obstacle recognition
Electrical line detection
Hydraulic tools quick coupling in rescue cage

Options – G.V.W >26T :

Water pump: 6000 L/min
Water / Foam tank: 2000 L
CAFS – Compressed air Foam System
Around the pump foam system
Rescue Ladder

For more platform options, please contact us before ordering
Other request could be done and will be studied by EGI-KLUBB Group Design Office