Fire-Fighters save life with help of 330TBI

Pluvigner (Morbihan), Thursday the 19th September 24, 2019; 10:38

While the National Congress of fire-fighters took place in Vannes, a Belgian F16 two-seater fighter crashed at Pluvigner. The city is only about 30 km away from Vannes and also from the National Congress.

Help was called for at 10:38. Shortly after, 60 fire-fighters where on the spot as well as 100 soldiers who were hired by the gendarme!

Furthermore, 40 fire-fighters and 20 rescue vehicles of the “Sapeurs pompiers du Morbihan” were mobilized.

Also our aerial platform for fire-fighting and rescuing 330 TBI which was exhibited at the congress, was urgently needed to save one of the pilots! After hearing what happened 30 minutes apart from the exhibition, the fire-fighters took the vehicle and left the show directly for the rescue operation!

Before the crash on the ground the pilot and the co-pilot jumped out the plane using a parachute. One of them landed safely, the other on found himself stuck on a high voltage line which serves the north of the Vannes area (250,000 volts on each line!).

In fact, the 330 TBI was used to locate the person who was stuck in the high voltage line. Thanks to its working height of 33 m and its outreach of 23 m, the firefighters were able to save the pilot. In total, he stuck for over two hours in the high voltage line with his parachute!

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– The fire-fighters and the aerial plattform 330TBI are leaving the show –

After the rescue, both pilots were taken to Vannes hospital for medical exams but should be home soon!

It was exciting to see our aerial platform for fire-fighting and rescuing life in action. At happenings like last week, we are proud of our already done work. Furthermore, it motivates us to search constantly new and innovative ideas. to save more life in the future and support the fire-fighters all around the world!

Happily no one was seriously injured!


EGI – KLUBB Group whishes both pilots a good recovery and all the best!