Today, articulated aerial platform fire truck receives increasing interest from fire stations around the world. This trend is mainly due to the expansion of urban environments, which makes interventions more complicated due to the urban problems they entail.
It is important to understand that in an urban environment, compactness of vehicles is a priority and in this configuration it is important to bear in mind that aerial platforms of the same size are less heavy and less expensive than ladders.

The typical intervention has evolved as a direct consequence of urbanisation:

Derived from dedicated industry models, the new Hydraulic platforms respond perfectly to the new urban problems that firefighters encounter during their interventions in city centres. To meet this new demand, EGI Klubb Group, a subsidiary of Klubb Group, which specialises in the field of elevation and the European leader in the transformation of vehicles into aerial work platforms, has designed the Meteor 180. This multi-purpose truck is ideal for operations in urban areas where streets are narrow and often congested with traffic. This configuration is ideal for EGI’s HPs, whose 19m height and 11m offset, as well as the fly JIB, hich gives the possibility to pass obstacles easily, fits perfectly into the landscape.

Having such a vehicle in your fire station is a real asset, small but powerful it will allow you to rescue people even if they are stuck on the third floor of their building. The expansion of cities around the world is conducive to the development of articulated lifts, which remain the most compact rescue vehicles.

Today’s interventions require versatility:

The versatility of emergency vehicles is also accentuated and directly linked to our way of life. Indeed, the current economic constraints are pushing the fire and rescue services to reduce their costs while maintaining the best possible coverage of risks. Multi-purpose vehicles appear to be the unavoidable solution. The diversity and randomness of the missions encountered and carried out by firefighters naturally tend to create a certain versatility both on the technical and human levels. Here again, the M180 is ideal on all sides: its double cab allows a team of 6 to 8 rescue workers (depending on the chassis) to be dispatched  on intervention, with complementary skills to deal with different scenarios.

It is also important to point out that an emergency vehicle generally has the latest technology on board, so the M180 has a water cannon but also the possibility of using it to spray foam while working at height thanks to its arm. The arm is a pandulum one, which means that it can approach the work area without difficulty, avoiding obstacles and traffic jams thanks to its fly JIB and 180° rotation. It should also be noted that during a fire, our EGI’s HPs is equipped with a self-protecting water curtain to protect workers from radiation while the vehicle is in use. This versatility makes hydraulic platforms essential during interventions.

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